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ScienceWise - Summer 2010

The Editor's Corner

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Results of the Reader Feedback Survey

I’d like to thank everyone who responded to our ScienceWise subscriber survey at the end of last year. We had a large number of responses which has given us some really useful data about what our readers think of the magazine. When I participate in surveys myself, something that I always find really annoying is that more often than not I never see the results. So I thought I’d use the editorial this issue to share what we’ve found and what we’re intending to do in the future as a result.

First and foremost, it seems that the overwhelming majority of readers (~99%) value both the magazine and the science posters that come with it - which is just as well really or I might find myself peeling potatoes in the back of a restaurant somewhere!  Most people are also generally happy with the balance of stories, though lots of you wanted to see more of various topics. The tricky thing is that due to the diversity of interests out there, not everyone wants the same additional coverage. I can see that a few extra stories in the areas of earth science, chemistry, biology and environment would be appreciated, so we’ll include a couple of extras during the coming year.

When it comes to the technical level of the stories the majority of readers find it about right though a significant number do find that we get a bit too technical in places, so I’ll try to resolve that in 2010 (though not in this edition since we prepare the stories about 6 weeks ahead)

Story length seems to be OK for the majority, so we’ll keep that pretty much the same.

One of the really tricky responses we’ve had was regarding additional material with the magazine. About a third of readers don’t want anything else with ScienceWise and the remainder would like some materials but not others. This has left me scratching my head as to just what’s the best way forward! Perhaps I’ll occasionally include some additional information in the Editor’s Corner or as a pull out and hope that the “purists” will excuse this if it doesn’t happen too often.

So all in all, this has been a really useful exercise and I’d like to again thank all those who took part. We’ll ease back a little on the very technical, include more information boxes explaining jargon and in most other regards keep doing what we’re ding!

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